About us

At Selcan we sell and offer counselling on the use of innovative and environmentally friendly products, as an alternative to the usage of conventional chemical products.

We provide several fields of application in the industrial scope: degreasing, oxidation protection, pickling, general cleansing, etc.

From the beginning we follow and cooperate with customers for the constant improvement of the products.

We offer assistance to our clients in order to:

  • Identify the most suited products, functional to productive cycles and machinery
  • Provide a comparison with previous solutions employed in order to achieve the main aims for environmental, qualitative and economical improvements.

Both research and production take place in Italy, creating environmental friendly products to be applied in several contexts.

We sell...

Organic industrial degreasing and pickling products, derived from natural and bio-chemical substances.

Alternatives to conventional chemical technologies for washing mechanical components, industrial plants, etc …